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Write For Us If you are interested and also have a very good knowledge about the health then yes, it is a right opportunity for you where you can write for our Blogs and you can enhance your skills and information by this!!

Write For Us

Our team of blogs is inspired by Health “Write for us” articles from several health specialists, analysts, health export specialists, and also from the well educated health- related bloggers.

Health Write For Us Guidelines for Our Health Blogs-

  • Article Length- This Health Write for us blog only accepts the educational and knowledgeable kind of articles and the length of the articles should be around 1000 words or above it.
  • Article Topic- The topic of the article should be impressive and relevant to the body weight like related to weight- loss, mentioning the exercise benefits related.
  • Tone- The tone which you should use for the articles should be impressive and positive kind if you really want a good article writing
  • Impressive content – article written by you should be as impressive and good which should genuinely liked by everyone and your own identity is identified in your post and articles
  • Should be Reader Friendly– Improve your articles/ post by giving them very impressive heading and sub- headings, and should use slug in articles to make it informative
  • Copyright- You should not post any kind of post/ reports which earlier have been uploaded to other social websites. If in case we find that articles post or share by you have been earlier used then we will take strict steps and will quickly remove your record.
  • The content should be plagiarism checked and should be unique
  • The article on Health “Write for Us” should be without grammatical mistakes and also should elegantly prepared
  • You should guarantee to us that the theme of articles should be interesting and as well as well

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